lifestyle || the single biggest productivity myth

What’s something you’re currently working towards that will take TIME?

Last week I shared an Instagram reel about assembling a shelf, paired with a caption about the biggest productivity myth. I wanted to turn it into a blog post to make it a bit more permanent.

Sometimes when there are so many things going on, I face decision paralysis: where is the RIGHT place to begin? Worse, I can begin to feel frustrated with myself: if only I could do this FASTER.

But the ONLY thing that will get you from point A to your goal point B is time. I find it helpful to remind myself that the order in which I do my tasks is less important than just taking the tiny steps forwards and backwards it takes to get there. And ultimately, there is no perfect decision or speed or pathway to that goal – just those steps, and the circumstances they’re taken in, which are often beyond your control.

So, what’s the productivity myth?

The single biggest productivity myth is that things happen instantaneously. They don’t.

When the right conditions are there, things can temporarily take LESS time, but good things are always built up through small steps – forwards AND backwards – stretched across minutes, which build into days, which build into months.

Building these new shelves (yay!) took time out of my day, even though I could have chosen to do a million other things. The same goes for learning a new skill, reading a book, and building great relationships.

This is our reminder to stop applying internet time-frames to real-life! It’s easy to gravitate towards the things that take the least time with the highest ratio of reward – browsing social media, quick articles, short videos.

My motto: just keep going and you’ll ABSOLUTELY surprise yourself with how far you get.