The Blog and the Author



Ioana is a high school student from Ontario, Canada. When she isn’t drinking tea, reading or exploring Toronto, she loves pursuing her creative passions in writing, visual arts and photography. Her passions led her to start a successful blog and YouTube channel called Mistral Spirit, where she shares organization and study resources, her personal lifestyle journey, and her essays, stories and art surrounding topics like philosophy, psychology, politics and literature. Enjoying each day as it comes, Ioana is always searching for new adventures while inspiring others in the process.

About this blog

Hi! I’m Ioana (pronounced E-wanna), and I’m so glad you’ve decided to pop by! Whether you’re visiting because you were a reader of my eight-year-old blog or just happened to find the name Mistral Spirit around the interwebs, it’s great to have you here! I’ve been blogging since 2009, and I love sharing writing that others will read and benefit from. As my first post on this new blog, I’d like to welcome you and tell you a little bit about this blog and how it came about.

The Great Schism

Cre84me used to be my blogging space – where I shared every little thing I thought about, created, crafted, and read. But I started it when I was 9 years old. Since then, things have changed significantly. In its last few months of life, I’d noticed the blog was taking off in two major directions, and so on March 20, 2017, I decided to pack my bags, create two new blogs, and start from scratch.

The reason these two new blogs are also WordPress-hosted (read: the domain name on this one, for example, is “”), is because I’m planning for a recession. Just kidding. I’m actually planning for university. Yep, that’s right. I’m heading off to university where the bill for a self-hosted fancy “” URL just won’t cut it anymore. I’ll have to be frugal with my money, and cutting out expenses starts now.

The two blogs I’ve made are as follows. Though the exact distribution of specific types of content is still being disputed, I’ve got a very rough idea of what each blog would look like.

Mistral Spirit, for anything and everything that is largely blogging and lifestyle-oriented. I’ll be posting about my Bullet Journal adventures, art, what I’m doing, and fun lists that I think would interest my readers and benefit them directly. I’ll also be posting essays, philosophical ramblings, and literature investigations.

Silver Tome will be my personal creative outlet. My fiction writing and short stories will be posted there. May they find you at your most bored point in life.

If by any chance, you do want to go back and see the grandma blog of all these little blogs, Cre84me, you’ll have to visit it’s new archival location. The old domain will soon be discontinued.

Why “Mistral Spirit”

The word Mistral, from Latin magistralis ventus, means literally ‘master wind’, and is a strong, cold and dry wind that blows from France to the Mediterranean.

A Mistral Spirit is a term I’ve come up with to represent a spirit with a powerful passion for adventure and an undying strength to follow that passion. This blog is the outlet for my personal Mistral Spirit, and my hope is to inspire you to follow where your Mistral Spirit takes you.