Ioana Pitu


Ioana is a Queen’s Commerce student with a passion for visual storytelling and lifelong learning. She is known for the creativity she injects into everything she works on and the entrepreneurial spirit that drives many of the projects she undertakes.

No challenge is too big for Ioana – and she manages her current YouTube business with an audience of 40k subscribers and several ongoing brand partners while remaining in the top percentile in her graduating class and dedicating her free time to creative projects.

Her portfolio includes extensive photography and videography work taking brands like Queen’s Solar Design Team, DECA Xavier and Queen’s Commerce Leadership Summit to the next level with high-quality campaigns. She is currently looking forward to working at Ernst & Young as an advisory intern in 2020.

About this blog

Hi! I’m Ioana (pronounced E-wanna), and I’m so glad you’ve decided to pop by; it’s great to have you here! I’ve been blogging since 2009, and I love sharing authentic writing that others can benefit from.

Why “Mistral Spirit”

The word Mistral, from Latin magistralis ventus, means literally ‘master wind’, and is a strong, cold and dry wind that blows from France to the Mediterranean.

A Mistral Spirit is a term I’ve come up with to represent a spirit with a powerful passion for adventure and an undying strength to follow that passion. This blog is the outlet for my personal Mistral Spirit, and my hope is to inspire you to follow where your Mistral Spirit takes you.