Ioana Pitu

Mistral Spirit

Mistral Spirit is a YouTube channel and blog for creative bullet journal inspiration, organization strategies, and working towards a motivated, balanced and healthy lifestyle.

My mission since 2009 has been to inspire others to live a fulfilling life through practical strategies incorporating planning, journaling and creativity – all while authentically sharing my own story.


I am a Queen’s Commerce (Smith School of Business) alumni with a passion for lifelong learning and big ideas. Along with a background in content marketing, my interests are in consumer behaviour and judgement formation, and my undergrad courses specialized in marketing, analytics, law and economics. Some of my past and current passion projects include my 50k subscriber YouTube channel and blog on organization & productivity, my undergraduate research thesis on attention-grabbing short video advertisements, and the marketing consulting work I do with The Washi Tape Shop.

I am known for the creativity and curiosity I bring to every project, my track record of transforming organized, analytical plans into fast-paced action, and the relentlessly resourceful mindset with which I approach new challenges.

In my free time, I love going hiking, watercolour travel sketching, reading (and running my book club), and café-hopping!

I am always open to new, authentic partnerships with brands creating quality products at an affordable price. If you have a project, product or brand that you think is a great fit for my content, feel free to reach out at mistralspiritblog(at)

Why “Mistral Spirit”

The word Mistral, from Latin magistralis ventus, means literally ‘master wind’, and is a strong, cold and dry wind that blows from France to the Mediterranean.

A Mistral Spirit is a term I’ve come up with to represent a spirit with a powerful passion for adventure and an undying strength to follow that passion. This blog is the outlet for my personal Mistral Spirit, and my hope is to inspire you to follow where your Mistral Spirit takes you.