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lifestyle || my real morning routine: brekkie, tackle, workout

I've talked about why a good morning routine is important before, so today I'm finally taking you through what mine typically looks like! It's simple and divided into big chunks because I don't like overly-planned mornings - they get boring quickly for me. I also stress listening to what your body wants as much as… Continue reading lifestyle || my real morning routine: brekkie, tackle, workout

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lifestyle || montreal travel lookbook: 7 spring outfit ideas

Last weekend, my best friend and I traveled the couple hours from Toronto to Montreal for a fun little trip together. We had such an incredible time exploring the city, visiting the many beautifully-decorated cafes, eating at delicious restaurants, hiking Mont Royal and checking out the Piknic Electronik. We left the city with so many… Continue reading lifestyle || montreal travel lookbook: 7 spring outfit ideas

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lifestyle || Q&A a Day Questions

One of the ways to use a notebook I mentioned in my video "16 Ways to Use a Notebook" was to create a Q&A a Week journal where you answer a question each week for five years and then look back and see how your answers change over time. I'm often asked what questions I… Continue reading lifestyle || Q&A a Day Questions

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writing || psychology of insecurities: ONE way to eliminate yours now

I think a lot (often introspectively, like how I'm perceived and what I'm doing and how it's looking and why I'm doing it), and this is one thing I've been thinking about lately. Hope you enjoy and hopefully it helps you a bit too!

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lifestyle || reasons i eat meat: a wine-tasting changed my mind about veganism

At the start of 2018, I decided to try being pescetarian for ethical reasons. It seemed that there were so many reasons for it and no reason in the world not to. Plus, the "lifestyle" side of my social media was saturated with messages about veganism and vegetarianism that I felt compelled to give it a try. After all, why eat meat when we really don't NEED it? Then, after taking part in a wine tasting while on vacation, I finally reached a few conclusions.

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lifestyle || the benefits of a daily routine

Getting into a few daily morning habits has done wonders for me, and it can for you too! In this video, I talk about 4 key reasons you should create a routine for your mornings and nights!


lifestyle || summer packing essentials

What better way to pretend like it's the summer than to revisit my packing list from last month's trip to Punta Cana and start thinking about my next traveling adventure? Yesterday we were visited by our usual April snowstorm, with really strong wind and biting cold. I wasn't too happy, but as Willy Loman (from Death of a Salesman) very well knows, living in your imagination can help you forget reality for the time being.