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organization || june bullet journal set-up

Quick and easy set-up this month using my bullet journal monthly printables! I also showed how I write in some of my tasks for the month in my monthly planner using my Google calendar. Haven't really been tracking much lately, but it's been for the better. 😉 Enjoy and if you read this far, let… Continue reading organization || june bullet journal set-up

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lifestyle || Q&A a Day Questions

One of the ways to use a notebook I mentioned in my video "16 Ways to Use a Notebook" was to create a Q&A a Week journal where you answer a question each week for five years and then look back and see how your answers change over time. I'm often asked what questions I… Continue reading lifestyle || Q&A a Day Questions

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organization || may set-up: unedited REAL-TIME bujo paint with me

FINALLY! This month, I started out with the plan to do a starry sky-sort of theme but (as you will see) it started out pretty bad. So I morphed it into something different and I'm so happy with how it turned out! Took me an hour to do - I split it into two sessions… Continue reading organization || may set-up: unedited REAL-TIME bujo paint with me

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organization || 14 exam study TIPS | work smarter, faster & happier!

My IB exams are coming up at the start of May, and I’m sure many of you will also be getting ready for your own exams in the next few months. SO in the spirit of testing season, today I’m sharing fourteen tips to help you study more effectively! These are sustainable, realistic things you can do or mindsets to adopt that help you get more done in less time. So get ready for some major test and exam study hacks!

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organization || Printable Math Drills

Numeracy skills are so important and I think the current Ontario curriculum for math doesn't emphasize them enough. Students who can add, subtract, multiply and divide quickly are at an immediate advantage to those who don't have that skill laid out as part of their mathematics foundation. When I was younger, I used to do math drills on various topics as part of a math program I was enrolled in, and which I use with many of the students I tutor. Sharing my own printable version with you today!

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organization || Printable Battleship Math game for learning multiplication

This game is such a fun way to practice the multiplication table for students in elementary school!