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organization || Printable Math Drills

Numeracy skills are so important and I think the current Ontario curriculum for math doesn't emphasize them enough. Students who can add, subtract, multiply and divide quickly are at an immediate advantage to those who don't have that skill laid out as part of their mathematics foundation. When I was younger, I used to do math drills on various topics as part of a math program I was enrolled in, and which I use with many of the students I tutor. Sharing my own printable version with you today!

mathematics, organization, subject resources

organization || Grade 8 Math Summer Review Package

I've created this math review package for grade 8 students entering high school. It contains review questions for each key topic covered in grade 8, with an emphasis on integers, order of operations, and fractions - which, from my experience, is what most students struggle with. Work through this with your tutee or child during… Continue reading organization || Grade 8 Math Summer Review Package