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organization || Monthly Bujo Spread Printables

If you're ever short on time one month (or just don't feel like taking the time to set up by hand), this post is for you! In it I share Mistral Spirit-style printable spreads that are practical and aesthetic for your monthly bullet journal set-up.

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organization || Grade 8 Math Summer Review Package

I've created this math review package for grade 8 students entering high school. It contains review questions for each key topic covered in grade 8, with an emphasis on integers, order of operations, and fractions - which, from my experience, is what most students struggle with. Work through this with your tutee or child during… Continue reading organization || Grade 8 Math Summer Review Package

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organization || International Baccalaureate (IB) High School Maths Resources

I've compiled an extensive list of all my maths resources from this past year of studying SL Mathematics in the IB (International Baccalaureate) program at my high school. You'll be able to find all of these and more resources under "Subject Resources & Printables" in this site's menu bar. PLEASE NOTE: These are the product… Continue reading organization || International Baccalaureate (IB) High School Maths Resources

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organization || Binder Index Printable: Study Better & Organize Old Course Material

Staying organized isn't only FUN, but it PAYS OFF, too! I've always thought it more important to study SMART, not just HARD, and one of the ways I make sure I can do that is by staying organized in all of my courses. I use my Bullet Journal to track tasks. For my notes, I keep coming back to either: Cornell system of handwritten notes Typed, concise summary notes that I print and highlight (Speaking of which: I'm looking forward to sharing with you how I take both of these kinds of notes! It's a big post though, so bear with me as I try to find the time for it.) As for the notes and all the course material itself, I've got a simple method to keep everything organized in their binders!

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organization || Math Homework Tracker Printable

In any subject, staying organized is a critical to ensure success! When studying math especially, it's extremely important to stay up to date with homework. Practicing regularly makes a big difference - you gain the skills, exposure and confidence to do well on any test or competition question you are faced with!