Choose IOANA as your next QMAC delegate

Welcome to my blog. Feel free to explore!

I’ve been blogging since I was 8, because of my passion for writing stories, reflecting on my experiences, and reviewing books I had read.

Last year, I started a YouTube channel focused on my planning system, staying organized, and my experiences in increasing productivity. Though frightening and vulnerable at first, this outlet has not only turned into a small business venture for me to learn from, but it has been one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. I choose to be an outlier, to put myself out there as a source of inspiration for others, and the response has been overwhelming. My YouTube channel has brought together an international community of 30,000 individuals. It has also brought me closer together to classmates who’ve connected with what I’ve blogged about. Through it all, I’ve discovered the strength that comes with knowing who you are and being confident enough to wear that proudly for the world to see.

Marketing and Me

What to do during anatural disaster.jpg

I have experience reaching out to companies, establishing value for both parties and following through with commitments. I’ve also learned about creating a personal brand through Instagram and YouTube, marketing my videos with catchy titles and thumbnails, and promoting my content by partnering with other creators and putting together promotional activities like giveaways.

With my YouTube “business”, I had the opportunity to attend Youth Can Do It, a government-organized conference for 25 entrepreneurs across Canada in May this year. I met many inspiring and successful young entrepreneurs who I am still in touch with, and worked with mentors to develop strategies to grow my business and the reach of the content I create.

WHY I WANT To be a delegate

  • LEARNING about marketing is something I am eager to do! One of my values lies in making the most of every challenge, and attending as a delegate would be just that – a growth opportunity and a chance to gain new perspective.
  • MY SKILLS and prior experiences in marketing projects I’ve started (like my high school custom t-shirt printing venture and stamp business), co-heading and promoting my school’s first-ever leadership conference from scratch, building an online presence as an influencer, and focusing on self-improvement and charisma would be a valuable asset to the conference. I love meeting new people and would love to exchange stories and experiences with others!
  • INSPIRE. I don’t plan to just attend the conference, have a good time, and forget about it. As the President and Director of Training of my school’s DECA chapter, and a math tutor for four years, the things I learn always find their way back to others. I love sharing my knowledge and building a community around it. I will not only put the skills and lessons I learn from the workshops and speakers into practice in my own life, but they will find their way back to the Queen’s community through the leadership roles I am involved in.


Who am I

My blog bio

18 y/o blogger, artist, bullet journaler, writer, tea-lover, adventurer. Philosophy: seize the day. People are amazing.

My LinkedIn bio

Ioana Pitu is a student, entrepreneur, blogger, daughter and friend, among the other roles she has served as a math tutor, president for her high school DECA club, and administrative assistant and receptionist at Spirit of Math Schools for five years. Her values lie in learning, self-reflection and writing, creativity and inspiration.

What it means

  • GENUINE. I don’t do things for the resume, I do them because of a passion and an interest in seeing them through.
  • ADAPTABLE. I learn quickly and understand the big picture.
  • CREATIVE. I think outside the box, enjoy visual art, and exploring new ideas.
  • INNOVATIVE. I am not afraid to come up with new ideas and commit to following through with them.


Professional 😊

  • The conferences I’ve attended in the past
    • Includes: QLEAD (Queens), GoCode, GoEng (McMaster), DEEP, Law Summer Program, Women in Law (UofT), Ivey Case Study Day (Western), Youth Can Do It Entrepreneurship Event (Government of Canada)
  • My position as Digital Content Coordinator on QCLS at Queen’s!
  • My YouTube channel and blog on organization and productivity
  • Working as a math tutor for the past 5 years
  • Being an administrative assistant at an after-school math enrichment program and promoting the program to parents, teaching students, helping educators, and managing inventory and bookkeeping
  • Worked as a cashier for Goodness Me! (a health food store) one summer (and didn’t like it)
  • Published my poems and stories in several youth anthologies
  • Served for 3 years as Director of Training and President of DECA club
    • Organized social events – murder mystery
    • Pitched and followed through with school’s first ever leadership conference, ASPIRE 2018

Personal 😉

  • What I’m currently reading (I’m always reading something)
  • Salsa dancing, yoga, and sailing
  • Coffee and coffee shops
  • Art and design
  • Online courses and mini-projects I’ve done: Latin, coding, biking, 10k race, world literature in Scotland