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writing || The Hereditary Sickness: An Analysis of the Structure, Tensions, and Motifs of “Mad Shadows”

The passage from pages 52 to 55 of the book “Mad Shadows” by Marie-Claire Blais presents a turning point within the novel. It is in these four pages that the deterioration of the characters and superficial relationships begins to occur. An aura of sickness and wickedness spreads throughout the family – in their bodies and in their relationships – foreshadowing the falling apart of the household later in the novel.

academia, Literary Commentary, writing

writing || “Vicious” and Morality

Vicious! I read this book, by V.E. Schwab, a long time ago, and really enjoyed it! Although I had a lot of initial comments and discussion questions building up in my mind while I was reading, I unfortunately never wrote them down once I’d read it. Then, a few weeks later I finally did on… Continue reading writing || “Vicious” and Morality