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video || bullet journal flip through: 2019

NOTE: I will update this page as I publish each of the three parts to the flip through! My bullet journal style has changed so much over time, and every once in a while I love looking back to read my old journal entries, see my old layouts, and my old priorities. In this video,… Continue reading video || bullet journal flip through: 2019

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organization || How to Start a Bullet Journal: Setting up for 2017

Thinking about starting a Bullet Journal to stay on top of all your lists, tasks, and events? Whether you just want to see what all the hype is about, check out some other Bullet Journalers and their methods, or learn a bit more about how this system works and how to modify it for your… Continue reading organization || How to Start a Bullet Journal: Setting up for 2017

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organization || Bullet Journal September Set-up

Yesterday, I took some time in the morning to set up my Bullet Journal for September and the start of the school year. I've filmed it, too, so you can follow along my set-up process. Here are the spreads I made: monthly planner monthly memories monthly meal plan I also debated with myself (and left… Continue reading organization || Bullet Journal September Set-up

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lifestyle || What’s in your “Apocalist”?

I recently finished Netflix's new show No Tomorrow. It's a witty comedy/romance about a woman (Evie) who falls in love with a man ("Zavier" with an "X") who's calculated and predicted that the world is going to end in several months from to an asteroid impact. "The apocalypse is neigh", Xavier half-jokingly, half-seriously says. And… Continue reading lifestyle || What’s in your “Apocalist”?

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art || New Bullet Journal Cover Page

I recently ordered and received my new dotted Moleskine notebook to use once I finish my current one (which is soon! Wow!). I was super excited, so I couldn't wait to start it out! One of the things I always do in a new bullet journal is have a pretty cover/title page that sets the tone, right on the first or second page of the notebook.

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organization || Bullet Journal April Set-Up

Finally got around to setting up my April monthly spread and memories tracker! Looking for some inspiration? Check out some of the new things I'm trying this month!