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lifestyle || podcast recommendations for your home isolation

This has been a strange week. The COVID-19 pandemic has been escalating around the world for a while now, but this was the first week where it seemed to penetrate our university's walls. By Thursday and Friday, everyone was talking about what would happen before St. Patties went down on Saturday (St. Patrick's day is… Continue reading lifestyle || podcast recommendations for your home isolation

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writing || The Ghost and the Boss: Power Dynamics throughout History in Hamlet and Death of a Salesman

There’s a very good reason the most widely published books in history were works of fiction, chronicling the tales of ordinary men locked in an often fatal battle with a fellow man or a supernatural monster. Fiction captures the nuances of those ideas and imbues them in an ageless magic that enables them to last through centuries of change. Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Miller’s Death of a Salesman were written hundreds of years apart, but man’s struggle for power over his own life remains constant.