romania august 2018

creative montage from my 3-week solo trip to romania. I own no rights to the music I'm using - but do check him out, he's a romanian artist and he's amazing. This song embodied my trip both while I was there and after, while I was remembering it. MUSIC: Who You Are by Mihail.… Continue reading romania august 2018

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lifestyle || how to be productive over the summer + free printable

Nope, this isn't just a list of things to do over the summer that are productive. These are ways you can encourage yourself to get into a happy, healthy, and productive space that will help you make the most out of your summer, whatever that might mean to you! For the comments: I'd love to… Continue reading lifestyle || how to be productive over the summer + free printable


lifestyle || summer packing essentials

What better way to pretend like it's the summer than to revisit my packing list from last month's trip to Punta Cana and start thinking about my next traveling adventure? Yesterday we were visited by our usual April snowstorm, with really strong wind and biting cold. I wasn't too happy, but as Willy Loman (from Death of a Salesman) very well knows, living in your imagination can help you forget reality for the time being.