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lifestyle || reasons i eat meat: a wine-tasting changed my mind about veganism

At the start of 2018, I decided to try being pescetarian for ethical reasons. It seemed that there were so many reasons for it and no reason in the world not to. Plus, the "lifestyle" side of my social media was saturated with messages about veganism and vegetarianism that I felt compelled to give it a try. After all, why eat meat when we really don't NEED it? Then, after taking part in a wine tasting while on vacation, I finally reached a few conclusions.

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lifestyle || Go-to Breakfast Ideas: Quick, Healthy, Yummy

My mornings have a personality disorder. One day I'll be up bright and early, with time to make a fantastic breakfast and pack a lunch. The next I'll crawl out of bed, half-awake and race the clock to gobble a quick snack or make a little breakfast to eat while on the way to school.… Continue reading lifestyle || Go-to Breakfast Ideas: Quick, Healthy, Yummy