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writing || brief thoughts on private journaling vs public writing

Journaling. It's great, but I'm starting to think blogging may be a better practice. Writing for others forces you to make sense to minds other than your own and be a coherent personality. It's a bit more challenging but also requires more effort to ensure your words are as raw and organic as possible -… Continue reading writing || brief thoughts on private journaling vs public writing

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art || 120 title and divider styles + FREE printable | ideas for your notes and bujo

This is probably one of my favourite spreads I've made. Like, ever. Super excited to share it with you AND to have made it into a PRINTABLE that you can download and print for yourself! Here are 65 title styles and 57 divider ideas for your: notes bullet journal journal lists and whatever else that… Continue reading art || 120 title and divider styles + FREE printable | ideas for your notes and bujo

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writing || The Ghost and the Boss: Power Dynamics throughout History in Hamlet and Death of a Salesman

There’s a very good reason the most widely published books in history were works of fiction, chronicling the tales of ordinary men locked in an often fatal battle with a fellow man or a supernatural monster. Fiction captures the nuances of those ideas and imbues them in an ageless magic that enables them to last through centuries of change. Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Miller’s Death of a Salesman were written hundreds of years apart, but man’s struggle for power over his own life remains constant.

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writing || Parenting is like a Fencing Match: Scene Analysis in “I Know why the Caged Bird Sings”

The ultimate coming-of-age story that doesn’t shy away from even the more difficult topics, Maya Angelou’s “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” is immensely honest and vulnerable. Her experience being sent from mother and father to grandmother several times throughout her life is a situation not all readers can identify with. However, the truths she shares about family, love and self-identity through these experiences are universal. By chapter 33, both Maya and her brother Bailey have become adolescents, and their trials and tribulations are representative of those which many other adolescents face. In fact, Maya’s account of Bailey’s fight with their Mother illustrates several truths all readers can relate to when it comes to conflict between a parent and child. In particular, her use of descriptive language characteristic of a fencing match provides a lens through which to understand her mother’s and brother’s conflict, and thus the plight of our own youthful turbulent relationships with our parents.

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writing || The Hereditary Sickness: An Analysis of the Structure, Tensions, and Motifs of “Mad Shadows”

The passage from pages 52 to 55 of the book “Mad Shadows” by Marie-Claire Blais presents a turning point within the novel. It is in these four pages that the deterioration of the characters and superficial relationships begins to occur. An aura of sickness and wickedness spreads throughout the family – in their bodies and in their relationships – foreshadowing the falling apart of the household later in the novel.

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art || how to improve your handwriting

It sounds really weird to say it out loud, but in grade 3 I literally made it my life goal to improve my cursive handwriting. I went through the same five steps to improve your handwriting that I describe in this video, and then when it came to practicing, I would take FOREVER to copy down notes. Like seriously. I was the last one done. Ironically, I remember my grade 3 mind thinking, "eh, I'm in grade 3. What does it really matter how fast I can copy down notes?"


writing || i want to do it all … so here’s what’s next

This year has gone fantastic so far, with the usual blips of course. I've settled into a brand-new morning workout routine, which I'm going to share soon in a video. I've written a lot of essays for school that I'm quite proud of, which I'll be sharing as well. I've gone out with friends a… Continue reading writing || i want to do it all … so here’s what’s next