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video || TOP TIPS for moving in & living alone at university

Moving out of your parents' house and into your very first rental home is one of the biggest and scariest stages of growing up. If you're a student in university, you're probably getting ready to do this soon! Today I broke down some of my experiences living alone for the first time this summer, and… Continue reading video || TOP TIPS for moving in & living alone at university

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writing || instagram ask me anything

I'm sure you've heard of Instagram's new feature. Why am I so sure? Oh, maybe because everyone's been using it to do a Q&A sesh... And because I am admittedly a happy member of that "everyone" category, here were some of the questions you guys asked on my story yesterday and my more detailed, written-up… Continue reading writing || instagram ask me anything

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writing || Wow: “Nation” by Terry Pratchett

Just finished reading “Nation” by Terry Pratchett! It’s a 5-star in my Goodreads! But before I start talking about it, here’s its Goodreads synopsis: Synopsis Alone on a desert island — everything and everyone he knows and loves has been washed away in a storm — Mau is the last surviving member of his nation.… Continue reading writing || Wow: “Nation” by Terry Pratchett